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Drug rehab recovery programs are immensely vital to the process of achieving sobriety. Drug and alcohol addiction have the power to cause an almost infinite amount of trouble and strain on a person's personal and professional life. It also impacts health, finances and personal relationships. Checking into a qualified and proven recovery program will exponentially increase the chances of managing and overcoming addiction. Statistics reveal that the chances of achieving full sobriety and recovery more than double when the person participates in an organized and structured recovery program. Call Drug Treatment Centers Evansville at 812-618-9622 to get the help looking for treatment facilities.

Let's Talk About Addiction

Drug addiction is the existence of both a physical and psychological dependency on the drug. This dual dependency is one of the primary reasons that drug addictions are so difficult to break. The physiological dependence is acute; it is the first thing that must be addressed. This is where most of the people who struggle with dependence experience their first relapse. The pain and discomfort of the detoxification process can be so extreme that it drives them back to the drug as they seek relief from the symptoms of withdrawal.

Unfortunately, once the addict successfully breaks the physical dependence, they quickly find out that the psychological addiction, though more subtle, is much more difficult to manage. In fact, more than 50 percent of the people who make it through the physical part of the recovery process, relapse, with the vast majority relapsing within the first 60 days after checking out of the treatment center.

The reason that the psychological addiction is so difficult to break free from is the fact that it is chronic in nature. It exists on a continuum that has to be consistently and constantly managed. It is also much more complex than the physical addiction. The physical addiction can be starved; however, the psychological addiction has to be engaged.

The Role of a Recovery Program

A good recovery program offers a number of immediate and long-term benefits. One of the immediate benefits is structure and support. Battling addiction is not something that a person should ever attempt to do on their own. A structured program provides the support and accountability that is necessary to ensure that the person is headed in the right direction.

In addition to structure and support, a recovery program helps the individual develop the skills that will be essential to their success. It is simple; a good recovery program drastically improves the person's chances to experience success.

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