Medical Detox in Evansville IN

An effective medical detox is vital to increasing the probability of success for a person who is going through the recovery process. Before a person can move on to the therapy portion of treatment, they must first rid their body of the harmful toxins that remain from their drug abuse. This is facilitated by using a specially-trained professional team of doctors and nurses that are skilled in working with recovering addicts, and provide the supervision and support needed to help them get through the process both safely and comfortably.

During a medical detox, certain medications can be used to help relieve some of the symptoms that are associated with withdrawal. Without medical care, and depending on the drug of abuse, some of these symptoms can become unbearable. A medical detox can lower the rate of occurrence of medical complications that could be potentially life-threatening.

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Don't Do It Alone

It is common for an individual who is attempting to fight their addiction to want to undergo the withdrawal process on their own; however, this is not recommended for a number of reasons. One reason why this method is not recommended is the fact that it has an extremely low success rate. Getting through this process at home is extremely difficult. This is due to the fact that the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, which can drive the person to return to drugs or alcohol again in order to eliminate the discomfort.

An even better reason not to undergo withdrawal at home is the fact that it can potentially lead to some serious medical complications, including kidney failure, aneurysm, stroke, and cardiac arrest. The chances of surviving these complications without medical attention are low. This is why it is recommended that a person go through a detoxification process that is supervised and monitored by competent medical professionals. It is not only more effective, but it is also much safer.

The Symptoms of Withdrawal

The symptoms that are associated with withdrawal can vary depending on the drug of abuse, as well as the physical and physiological makeup of the addict. However, there are some common symptoms that are generally present during withdrawal from most substances. The level of intensity may vary, but the occurrence of the common symptoms is consistent. Some of the more common drug addiction withdrawal symptoms that can be expected during the detoxification process are:

• An increased sensitivity to pain

• Nausea and vomiting

• High level of irritability

• A fluctuation in appetite in either direction -- some people eat more during this period, while others lose their appetite

• Hot flashes and sweating

• Physical symptoms that mimic the flu, including body aches, headaches and weakness

• Emotional instability, depression and anxiety

All of the symptoms that are listed above can be managed through a medical detox program, ensuring that the process will be more comfortable than if attempted without medical assistance. When a patient is able to get through the detoxification phase of recovery, their chances of managing their addiction increase drastically. At Drug Treatment Centers Evansville, our goal is to help people search for rehab facilities that will meet their needs. We know the whole process may be overwhelming, so we want to help. Call us at 812-618-9622.

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