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Every person in this world will encounter challenges in their life that will require an exceptional amount of fortitude to overcome; however, there are few challenges that are as intense and overwhelming as a drug addiction. Drug addiction is highly complex, involving multiple elements that make it difficult for a person to manage the crisis on their own. This is why it is extremely important for anyone who is struggling with a drug addiction to seek professional help.

Drug treatment centers in Evansville can provide patients with the support, encouragement and skills they need to get through the stages of recovery and maintain long-term sobriety.

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Understanding Addiction

The term "addiction" has a broad definition that can be applied across a number of different spectrums; however, as it pertains to chemical dependency, the definition is quite clear. An addiction is the condition of being physically and psychologically dependent on a chemical substance. This can be in the form of alcohol, prescription drugs or illicit drugs. This chemical dependency is physiological in nature; however, the process of addiction also involves a psychological element that is immensely powerful.

Addiction is the result of a chemical change in the brain that is caused by abusing an addictive substance. The chemical change is what creates the cravings to use the drug. The more that a person uses a drug, the greater the change in the brain will be, and the stronger the dependence.

When a person refrains from using long enough for the body's natural metabolic process to begin disposing of the drug, the body will respond by demanding the drug in a progressively violent manner. The uncomfortable, and often painful, symptoms that occur as a result of the body's demands are known as withdrawal symptoms. Without professional assistance, it can be virtually impossible for an individual to successfully manage their disease.

Different Types of Drug Addictions

If a drug has the capacity to alter the brain, it also has the capacity to create an addiction. This means that anything from psychotropic drugs to painkillers have the capacity to create dependence. Each drug will present different complications that are associated with its use; however, the one commonality that all drug dependencies share is that they will wreak havoc on the life of the addict, as well as those around them if the condition goes untreated.

Secondary Addictions

Secondary addictions are only mentioned here due to the fact that they are actually significant symptoms of the primary drug addiction. Common secondary dependencies include gambling and all forms of eating disorders. Although these are secondary conditions, this designation is only due to the fact that they more than likely resulted from the drug dependence. Each of these secondary addictions has the potential to destroy a person's life on their own, subsequently demanding immediate attention. When a person gets help for their chemical dependence, they will need to make sure that their secondary addiction is treated as well. If these other underlying conditions go untreated, any victories that may be achieved concerning during rehabilitation will be short-lived.

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