Addiction and Marriage

Addiction and Marriage Evansville IN

Addiction has been known to affect lives and cause many physical and psychological problems. It can also lead to problems with relationships, and financial difficulties. Close family members can be impacted by the destructive cycle of addiction. Although some people may focus on the individual damage being done to the addicted person, it is important to remember that close family members are also greatly impacted by drugs or alcohol.

Marriages are often the first ones that suffer when either of the partners or both is struggling with chemical dependency. Besides marriage, addiction will also affect careers and other areas of the individual's life. The impact can be severe depending on the drug. The practices of addiction can oftentimes work against the ideals of matrimony. Marriage is supposed to be a partnership yet substance abuse can lead the couple to independent behaviors that could be destructive for the relationship.

When two people get married they bow to take care of each other and endure the tribulations that come naturally in life. Although this is true, at some point during addiction, you have to stop allowing and supporting your loved one in anyway that it may help him or her continue living an addictive lifestyle. You may have to start cutting your spouse off from funds, keep him or her away from home, and the kids or anything else that will support or feed the addiction. Some spouses may feel weak against the idea of kicking their partner out of the home because it goes against the vows of marriage yet sometimes finding addiction treatment at a rehab center might be the only option for your loved one to get sober.

Substance abuse can sometimes lead to other forms of abuse, including verbal and physical. For some individuals enduring chemical dependency can be beyond harmful and in some cases life threatening leading to an early death. Chemical dependency can also affect both partners emotionally, financially, and legally. At some point one of the partners will have to leave but it's not always this way. To find out more about substance abuse rehabilitation options, call 812-618-9622.

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